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Funny Quotes About Pro-gun Stances.

The likely hood of people who are anti-gun loving to argue is very high. Pro-gun victims can hold an argument without acting like victims. Their reasoning is mainly based on the many pro-guns quotes and sayings from different people.

There is nothing really to be proud of when you give the findings on murders rate compared to gun control in different states. Nothing feels better than pushing someone’s button during an argument.

Do you really have excess funny gun quotes, that you can use to take them on?. Below are 15 funny gun quotes, that you can use later.

There is a quote by Rudyard about a man not having enough wine, books or ammunition.

A quote by Charley says believing in the right life involves having a means to defend it.

Givens supports carrying of guns as a way to protect yourself in case some one impose their will on you.

The fourth quote on guns is from Lt. Col Jeff Cooper, where he says unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil cannot be overcome by freeing from it.
Another gun saying is having your gun is a lighter burden compared to regret.

Karl believes you are either a responder or a victim.

People pose danger to themselves by believing they can try and reason with evil.

Miller defends his reasons for been pro-gun by saying it is better to fight than die.

The ninth quote is from George Mason, where he asks what a militia is, where he responds it is whole people except a few public officials.

Pro-guns in this quote is defended by not forcing laws on the people of America.

There is also a quote from Massad Ayoob, he believes that the only way to make sure a gun will always be there when you need is by always carrying it.

Another gun quote is by Clint Eastwood, he says he has a strict gun policy which is there is a gun around, he should have control of it.

Charlie in his quotes confirms he pro many thigs including guns.

Matt add to this discussion by saying there is a freedom that comes with having a gun with you.

Malcom X advocates for people having guns so that they can protect themselves, he further states, that right is in the constitution.

The sayings above have offered you with enough reasons on why you should be pro-guns. We have more quotes in our platform that you can have a look at. For top accessories for your page, visit this website.

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