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The Importance of Having a Mentor

When it comes to increasing some skills in the workplace, an individual will need some mentorship skills which will come along way after an individual has built a relationship with his or her mentor. Thus, a good description of a mentor can be a person who has some life skills that are more than another person’s skills of which the other person can build a relationship with the mentor so that he or she can discover more form him or her through some observations. When an individual wants to benefit more and discover more form his or her mentor, they will require to be in the same working environment as they will easily form some relationship with the mentor as well as having an upper hand on observing the mentor do his or her things. One of the ways in which an individual can build the mentor and mentee relationship is through the mentee approaching the mentor and asking him or her to be his or her mentor politely as they explain how they admire the work that the mentor does as well as the skills that they portray overall. When an individual has bonded with his or her mentors, they will be able to easy communicate through the emails as well as during some work break while taking lunch together or sharing a snack together of which will be beneficial to the individual since he or she will have a stronger connection to the mentor and thus he will discover more of the mentor. For one to build his or her life skills, they will need some mentor who will be able to guide them as they will discover more successful especially if the mentor is of the same profession as the individual.

When it comes to the benefits, an individual will discover more than what he or she anticipated for especially when they have created a good mentor-mentee relationship. The first benefit that one will get from the mentor is a one on one coaching which will be of benefit since an individual will get some teaching even when they have finished their work. Working with the mentor one on one, will offer an individual with some good attention from the mentor which will result to gaining more of what the mentor has experienced and how to make it just like him or her. Another benefit is that there will be support from the workplace which will reduce some stress in the working environment. Therefore, for those who will want to be successful in life, they should look for a mentor so that they can have some essential life skills which more of it can be discovered when the individual builds some good relationship with his or her mentor.


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