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Why You Should Switch to Vaping

We all know the reason behind smoking being hard to curb as a habit – nicotine is addicting! It takes a short while to become addicted, but the moment you’re hooked, your body will scream a nicotine fix through some disgusting withdrawal symptoms, making it even harder to stop. The question is, will vaping instead of smoking make a positive difference? A lot has been said about it, but what are its benefits in particular? Here are four of the best:

You still enjoy your nicotine.

To begin with, e-juices don’t have carbon monoxide, tar and other dangerous gases or chemicals often found in your usual cigarettes. This is a big factor behind smokers jumping the fence and going with vaping. Because there is nicotine in the e-liquid that is vaped with your e-cigarette, it’s a win-win scenario – you can quit cigarettes but have a safer alternative that feels exactly like smoking.

You pick a flavor you like.

As a typical cigarette smoker, your flavor choices are restricted to tobacco, menthol, and maybe licorice. However, when you switch to vaping, you can have an entire range of options available – from traditional tobacco to four seasons to chocolate to cheese nachos and more! The list is practically endless. You need not try all of these, but the freedom you enjoy is definitely more than welcome.

The cost is cheaper.

A lot of quitters are financially motivated – which is not surprising, with the factt that cigarettes aren’t exactly cheap and there are plans to increase the prices even more to encourage smokers to quit. If you switch to vaping, you automatically have a far less expensive vice than smoking. You only need to make one significant purchase – the e-cigarette itself – and you only pay for it once. They you can just refill your e-liquids every time you run out of them or whenever you feel like exploring a new flavor. Yes, you still need to spend money to vape, but it certainly won’t be as expensive as smoking is.

Your health gets better.

Finally, the best reason you can ever have for junking smoking for vaping is none other than your health. Because e-liquid does has none of the poisons found in conventional cigarettes, you will be at a lot less risk of illness or disease, like heart disease and cancer. And you will actually observe a noticeable improvement in your day-to-day life, such as improved breathing as your heart and lungs become healthier.

If you’re planning to ditch cigarettes for life, you need not go cold turkey – just switch to vaping and you will never touch a single cigarette ever again!


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