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Quotes that Help You See the Beauty of the Life

The eye is as important as many parts of the body. But did you not know that there are people out there who are suffering from various forms of eye condition? Astigmatism, far-sightedness, cataract, and other varieties eye condition – all could obstruct good eyesight and see the beauty of the world which God has created.

Nevertheless, did you not know that even people with 20/20 vision may sometimes not see clearly or even be blind to the great things in the world and the beauty of life? Well, here are some of the inspiring quotes about eyesight that may help you open not only your eyes, but also heart and mind.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (Margaret Hungerford)

Perhaps, you find this quote a clich? but its value proves to be helpful to a lot of people in numerous life situations. It talks about beauty not being identified in an objective manner considering that all people may have diverse concept with regards to beauty. Simply, what is beautiful for some may not be beautiful for another.

Quote by M. Twain: You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus

You can find this quote usually in English literature lessons and inspirational blogger website. Even when this quote may literally convey that by no means you can rely what your eyes can see, the viewpoint of the source generally suggests that a man or woman who has full of things in his or her mind may see factors that are not definitely helpful or sometimes unreal. Well, this quote will remind you to concentrate on to help you see the real situation.

People see only what they are prepared to see (Ralph Emerson)

Certainly, in some cases the eyes are deceptive that we only see or like to see things that looks good on us. Obviously, the writer wishes individuals to understand that we should not see things one way so we will definitely have the appropriate view of the circumstance and probably, can do the right action for it.

4. The first love letters are written with the eyes – a French Proverb

Literally, we use our hearts and hand, and of course our eyes to write and read love letters. But outside of the literal indication of this line, there’s a more meaningful value which lies within. Have heard the song Looking Through the Eyes of Love? Well, this may have the similar significance to the quote i.e., LOVE is reflected in the eyes of individuals who are in love.

What’s more?

Quotes about eyesight are helpful to correct, remind, and inspire any human being who happens to encounter it. Nonetheless, it can also be a source of enjoyment just because some quotes intends to be funny as well. Discover more quotes related to eyesight by visiting a reputable quotes page.


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