How to choose and buy a mobile phone

Mobile operating system comparison:
The ios system has many advantages such as security, lack of running, small application space, fast speed, clear classification, and flat materialized icon design. However, there are also ecosystems that are closed and cannot open to users. Not too high a deficiency.

Android system has rich applications, complete functions, security, high playability, ecosystem open source, open permissions, and the use of flat and rationalized icon design, but there are also shortcomings such as uneven application quality.

The Windows phone system has the advantages of simple operation interface, smooth operation, and dynamic magnet design for icons. There are few applications, such as a small number of applications and a small user base.
Choosing the ios system: Users who have higher requirements for operating system quality and prefer closed ecosystems can consider it.

Choosing the Andriod system: Users who are not very demanding on the operating system and require high playability can consider it.

Choosing the Windows Phone system: Users who can meet the general needs of ordinary mobile phones and want to have different user experiences can consider.
Compare by hardware configuration:
Apple’s latest iPhone 7 released the latest 64-bit A10 chip (40% faster than A9, 2 times faster than A8), M10 sports coprocessor; camera 12 million pixels, ƒ / 1.8 aperture camera; screen is 4.7″ (diagonal) LED backlit wide display; resolution is 326ppi. The memory has three versions of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB respectively; the performance of the previous generation iphone6 ​​has been greatly improved.
Android mobile phone with Huawei’s latest flagship Huawei Mate9 to compare, Huawei Mate9 uses Kirin 960 processor, compared with the previous generation performance has been greatly improved; camera is Leica 20 million black and white + 12 million color dual camera, ƒ / 2.2 aperture; screen 5.9 inches Screen; resolution is 1920×1080; memory is 32GB, 64GB, 128GB respectively.
Windows Phone, Microsoft Lumia WeChat public number, goodbye before Valentine’s Day, announced that the Windows Phone system model ended. Therefore, the hardware configuration of the Windows Phone phone is to stop the update. Compared with Android phones produced by Apple and Huawei, WP phones are not competitive.
Looking at the phone configuration! If it was put into 3 or 4 years ago, Apple’s mobile phone is still fully crushed Android flagship model, but with the passage of time, the development of technology, now Android machine is whether it is processor, camera, running memory, body memory, or screen Compared with Apple’s mobile phone, the configuration is rich, so people who have high requirements on hardware configuration, any kind of mobile phone between Android or Apple can be considered, it is a good choice.

Want to buy a favorite phone! Not only do we have to look at it, but we also have to analyze it from all angles and compare it. Only then can we buy a mobile phone that we like.
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