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Five Ways You Can Tell When a Person is Developing an Addiction to Prescription Drugs
Some of the critical health problems are a result of the excessive use of the prescription drugs. It is crucial you seek more information on how you can know whether a loved one has developed an addiction to the prescription medicine. Hence, with this information, you will know when to intervene and help a loved one abusing the prescription drugs. Here are the five things that should alarm you of prescription medicine addiction.

Drowsiness is the first sign of prescription drugs abuse. You should seek to discover more about the differences between normal sleepiness and one caused by the use of drugs. Thus, if you notice that a person is ever complaining of tiredness and keep head nodding at work, then you should be alarmed. Therefore, you should aim to learn more about the available remedies for prescription drugs abuse.

The second sign of prescription drugs abuse drug-seeking behavior. It is common for people with drug addiction to seek different options of acquiring them. Such as visiting various pharmacies and trying to buy prescription medicine. Some may even borrow bills from you. Such behavior should alarm you that this person may be developing an addiction to prescription drugs.

You can also tell a person is misusing prescription drugs from the unhealthy appearance. For example, you may notice dropping head and slurred speech. All these should alarm you that the person may be abusing prescription drugs.

You should be worried if a person close to you start having secrets as this is one of the signs of misusing prescription medicine. To avoid being noticed of abusing prescription drugs a person may stay away from family and friends. It is also vital you watch out for unwillingness to share information about the usage of the prescription medicine. Also, you should watch out for excessive defensiveness when interacting with this person. All these will aid you to know more about the likelihood of the close friend or relative having a prescription drugs addiction problem.

The other sign of prescription medicine addiction is lack of focus. Maybe you notice that a personal struggle to understand and follow work instructions. Thus, this individual will take longer to complete a simple task. Distraction and defensiveness are the other signs of this problem. Thus, when a person portrays these signs you should seek more information on how you can help him or her.

If you have suspicions that a person is addicted to prescription medicine you should learn more about the warning signs.


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