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Why You Should Consider Publishing a Book.

Have you ever wondered how many words you speak in a day or the thoughts you process? In a single day, you will ask questions in your mind and find answers to them while you go on with your day, and you will also speak for more than an hour in most cases. Some of the thoughts will be unique. If you picked just one idea and pondered it deeply, you will most likely find a lot of information about it. In the process of expanding the idea and finding answers to the questions, you will become better. This is how authors are born. Society may have you think that you need a certain angelic touch to become a writer but it is not true at all. As long as you are willing to put in the work, you can excel. If you consider all the renown leaders in the society, you will realize all of them are authored. This should tell you that it is high time you got into it. There are a lot of reasons why you should become an author. Writing a book means you will get identified as an industry leader. Having not authored a book, it will be difficult to convince people that you have mastered a certain industry to the point of being considered a leader. Through the book, you can establish your expertise and credibility. With the rise in your profile, you will gain attention and respect from people in your field and outside. As you market your book, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and make contact with key players in various fields who will be a stepping stone for you to rise to even higher ranks.

Your audience will also expand when you author a book. As much as people like shopping, when they are made to feel like they are just a means to an end they will not be happy. You can easily grow your clientele by establishing a human connection. A book is one way of value addition that the products and services you have put on the market cannot top. Think of the book as the breadcrumbs everyone will use in following you to get the products or services you are selling. E-books have even simplified the process. To write a book you will have to do a lot of background work and research. Some of the research materials will not be used in the process. Instead of discarding it, you can start another book or project and make use of that. Additionally, the book can help you get better resources, contacts and even credibility. In the process of writing the book, you can realize ways to expand your venture or diversify.

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